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I want a good Pokemon to use Beat Up in a double battle on my Terrakion, Virizion, or Cobalion with ability Justified, so that it can get a +4 in attack boost in just one turn. Please list all the Pokemon which can be of help for this purpose. I want a low attack stat Pokemon, preferably one that outspeeds Terrakion, so that it can attack on the first turn right away. I also want something which can maybe be of other use in the battle.
Please tell me what you think are good, thanks!

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Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Keldeo are all tied for the fastest Pokémon with Justified if you exclude Mega Evolutions. But you could also use Gallade, Lucario, or Absol, whose base forms all have Justified as their HA, and can then Mega Evolve to outspeed the Swords of Justice, although that does mean you have to sacrifice the first turn, since you have to use Beat Up before you go Mega. The fastest of these three is Absol, with 115 base speed, but Lucario is probably a better option since it gets Extreme Speed, Adaptibility after Mega, and better STAB options.

You are right, but I wanted a Pokemon which would use beat up, since my mega is my lucario anyway. Upvoting, but not selecting, cuz I need the beat up Pokemon in answer.
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I suggest you use a Dugtrio (any form) for these reasons:

  • Dugtrio's base speed is high enough to out-speed Terrakion (110).
  • Dugtrio learns Beat Up.

But, they don't have low attack, their base attack is 100.

Also, Dugtrio learns Beat Up by breeding so, I suggest you catch a Sneasel at Mount Lanakila, they learn Beat Up at level 28.