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LGPE: you can catch Pokemon in kanto

Pokemon GO: you can catch Pokemon in real world

are they similar?

Aren't they connected

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Both feature Gen 1 Pokémon (LGPE includes Alolan forms and Megas). You can actually connect your Pokémon GO to Let's Go, transfer a Pokémon (only Kantonian, others will be hidden) over to Let's Go, and receive a Mystery Box in which you can catch Meltan for 30mins (unfortunately, after the 30 min lure, the box won't open for an entire week. Then, you restart the process again.). Also, both have the same feature of encountering Pokémon in the overworld and the possibility of them running away (like ... 'poof'), have candies that raise stats (in GO it allows them to evolve), and have size varieties.

Please note that Let's Go is "basically" a remake of Yellow.

GO: up-to-Gen 4 + starters of the Generation + mobile game

Let's Go: main series battle animations + Leveling Up + different starters + Switch branded game

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Well, Let's Go! is a pretty much a mashup of Yellow and GO. It is the same story as Yellow (except for some parts involving your partner Pokémon) and pretty much the same Pokémon in areas. The catching mechanics are similar to GO. I found Let's Go! Eevee one of the easiest games I've beaten but it was still fun. They made it easier to ease GO players into main-series games. Let's Go! is a simplified version of Yellow. Experience is easier to get, the rival doesn't have a super-effective starter, etc. But, I did find some of the requirements for gyms quite annoying and unnecessary. I'm looking at you 50 Pokémon in the Pokédex for Fuschia City. But I would say that Let's Go! is like GO in some ways, but like what Jay ze VunderTrainer said, it is a remake of Yellow.