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The Ditto, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Meltan, and Melmetal Master Trainers request to see a "Truly Powerful" Pokémon in order to grant you their respective Titles. Why can't you battle them? See vid.

Ditto Timestamp: 21:32-21:44
Articuno Timestamp: 41:08
Zapdos Timestamp: 41:21
Moltres Timestamp: 41:31
Mewtwo Timestamp: 45:51
Mew Timestamp: 46:01
Meltan Timestamp: 46:11
Melmetal Timestamp: 46:21-46:30

I think they have to be a high level. Not 100% sure though. :P

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Master Trainers are 1v1 with the same Pokemon. So for Ditto, battling another Ditto isn't going to end well. They'll just use Transform over and over until the PP runs out, then use Struggle. And basically the fastest one will end up winning. It would be a tedious battle!

As for the other Pokemon, they are legendary/mythical and there is only supposed to be one of them in-game. So it wouldn't make sense for the master trainer to also have another mythical Pokemon. (Having said that, you can find multiple Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres in the wild, so a MT could conceivably have one of those.)

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Cool. Thanks a lot, PM.
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I would say that it is because those Pokémon are either supposed to be more powerful or the battle would be different in some way. Ditto because the second reason. It would take a really powerful Ditto to beat another Ditto. The others because they are Mythical or Legendary, although Articuno and Moltres aren't very strong.