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what are all Pokemon that can be flown high in the post game, like charizard can, to reach other areas? I'm especially wondeirng if fearow can.

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The list can be found here.

The only flyable ride Pokemon are Charizard, Aerodactyl, and Dragonite.

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Fun fact, on Route 17 aka Pokemon Road, they can fly high (just like what would happen in the poat-game).
okay. I'll just shove aerodactyl in there. where is fossil?
never mind, I got a charizard. and yeah, pokemon road was a big suprise (I was riding charizard, and it just suddenly soared into the sky). I love my ride pokemon right now: I got one of each type. my landride is onix; ridiculously fun to ride, but slow, with a weird hitbox. my airride is charizard. it's not the post-game yet, so It can't soar but damn, low-flying charizard are friking dangerous. and of course, I love riding gyrados too.