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I want to have a powerful team but also not need to switch with a PC every time I want to fly somewhere.

And please, don't say: "a Pokemon can't be good if it knows fly."

What  game??

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Reshiram, Zekrom, Black/White Kyurem, Rayquaza, that's probably it.

Most Pokemon can be made to work in-game, so there's not much need to restrict anyone to using legendaries.
I'm using powerful pokemon here.
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Almost any flying type can use, espacially zubats, and pidgey equivalents of all regions. And they are all easy to rise, and good to use.

I know you don't want people saying this, but if you want to play the game right, you need to know how to split your teams in Pokemons you will use to fight and pokémons you will use to do another tasks. try to making them do both or everything is no good. You have to understand that, and learn how to do it, to improving yourself and have a better experience in the game. We all know you don't like switch with the pc very often, ok, but you have to learn that is not a matter of choice, but a necessity, you have to adapt to play it right and also at the best you can. I'm telling because I want to help you, i'm your friend and I believe you can become even better than you already are, hope I helped.

Pokemon used in-game don't need four good moves, so I'm pretty sure it's better to have all six team members good at battling and distributing HMs among them.
I disagreed, but i respect your opinion.
Fly is a good move for NPC battles, so why would anyone want to use a Pokemon only for flying when that Pokemon can be used for both flying and battling?