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It doesnt learn fly in the game but since its a flying type can it at least fly in the anime? Or was it ever seen flying the anime? There are alot of pokemon who fly in the anime but cant in the game. Or if it cant fly, can it at least float in the air? Sorry, stupid question here but Im just so curious about this. and if there isnt any definite answer, your opinions or thoughts are fine:)

im gonna lean with no
Yes, it can fly. I just don't remember the episode. Hold on, checking sites.

Edit: Okay, it has been a long time since I watched these, so I can't back this up. But from information I've gathered, it happened either in the opening theme song, the first episode, or Mewtwo Strikes Back. Sorry this isn't more help to you, but the internet sucks at this kind of thing.

Oh, and Gyarados does appear as floating in the Pokemon Stadium Games. Now that I can put myself behind 100%.
Thanks! exactly the answer i was looking for! It always felt wrong for me that a water chinese dragon thats a flying type cant even fly
It can Bounce! :D

Makes it awesome in Triples.
yea my gyarados know bounce even though nobody uses that move on him

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To be simple, no. Gyarados can hover in the air though, as well as swim, and be a great transportation vehicle. It's sorta like a Geodude, where it can hover, and be on the ground.
And no, I do not believe I nor anyone has ever seen a Gyarados fly high in the sky.
I hoped this answered you question!

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so if it hovers, does that mean it can carry people on its back and go to places by floating? it prob cant fly high in the sky but if it can at least float,im counting that as flying too:)
I personally wouldn't count it as flying. It can carry people on its head, not its back. If anyone were to stand on its back, Gyardos' back, they would most likely be thrown off in a fit of rage. But I can see your point. But its not like its going to be hovering above ground as its owner is perched atop its head. But no, I wouldn't count it in my book as flying.
Keep in mind pokemon like Dodrio inexplicably flew in the air in the anime too, so you can't apply too much basic logic to it.
alright guess im gonna have to choose a non flying type pokemon that can actually fly, the reason i asked this question is because i needed a pokemon in my team that can actually fly(this has nothing to do with competitive battle but i just wanted to make my team look interesting, of course at the same time its competitive as well)
I've seen a Gyarados "fly high in the sky", they can be used in sky battles, seriously!
I think it would be kind of awesome if gyarados just shot up in the air and flew off.