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It's not psychic type or flying type. It doesn't have levitate. So whaatttt???

It doesn't have to be Psychic type to have Psychic powers
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There likely isn't a definite reason, but here's my theory:

Not all Pokemon that levitate are Psychic or Flying type. For instance: Victreebel, Magnemite line, and Kingdra, among others. Darkrai is a being of immense power, so it is entirely possible that it's able to use a little of that power to hover.

Another slightly illogical bit is that it can learn Ominous Wind. Maybe this wind is so strong, it's able to push Darkrai off the ground. This doesn't make as much sense as the first theory, however.

Of course, it's completely Game Freak logic until they tell us why.

Hope I helped!

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Well I don't see any other answers and that seems logical as well. Thanks!
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Darkrai is basically a nightmare. If you think about it, dreams aren't objects that just sit around. Crazy theory time. Dreams sort of just... float, do you know what I mean? When you have a dream, it kind of just drifts away from you. Also, I wouldn't say that Darkrai is flying, its more floating around/levitating.

Darkrai is also shadow-y, and shadows are another thing that can't really be... grounded. Hard to explain, I guess, lol.

Hope this helps! :)

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