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In generation 6, talonflames with gale wings get priority on flying type moves, regardless of health. Now, talonflames with gale wings only have priority on flying type moves when they are at full health. Is talonflame with gale wings still worth getting, though, over flame body?

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This is for competitive, right? What format are you playing?

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Personnally, I don’t think so.
Man, even in Gen 6 I would’ve preferred Talonflame with Flame Body. I mean, Talonflame already has very high speed, so he’ll get to use most moves first, even without Gale Wings.

I think Flame Body is much more useful, you get 30% chance of burning your opponent when he uses contact moves, which means halved Attack.

So, no, I don’t think Gale Wings is worth it in Gen 7. I wouldn’t even use it in Gen 6 so...

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Thank you, @shinyarceus
No problem, Momo.
Still, if talonfalme was very slow, than would you change you mind, @Shiny Arceus?
Oh then yes, if Talonflame was really slow, then Gale Wings would be much better.