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I just wanted to know, there’s nothing in its behavior or appearance that hints he’s Ghost type. He’s a Fire type because he can explode his head, but what about the Ghost part type?

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I think most things that aren't ghosts would not survive with a detached head, so being able to remove your head is associated with ghosts.

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Blacephalon is known to trick its targets through the foppish way it walks before blowing its head up without warning in order to steal their vitality. This Ultra Beast can freely move its head around easily and regenerate after blowing it up.

Blacephalon may be Ghost type because it steals its opponent's vitality (referred to as 'Life Force' or 'Soul' in other contexts), and its foppish flail could be associated with the way that evil demons move in the most unnatural ways. It can also regenerate itself easily, which is considerably easier to do as a Ghost rather than literally anything else. I also find it funny that it is a ghost firework clown, 3 things many little children are terrified of. :P

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