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I am just curious if you enter a ultra wormhole and it is one with that has a legendary Pokémon and you didn’t have enough ultra balls but you never initiated the battle does it count as me needing to go beat the elite four again?... because I may or may not have done that...

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I am pretty sure that you don't need to re-battle the Elite Four to "respawn" the Ultra Wormhole Legends :P
I believe you don't, you just have to get lucky with the Ultra Wormhole to find him again.
If that’s so then my luck has been absolute crap in re incarning him. ( yes I call entai a him because it just feels right) X/
Yeah, I agree. Entai sounds cooler. (Or as you said, 'right'.)
Don’t judge me to badly, but some of the genderless Pokémon like legendaries and mythical Pokémon I call them a him or her like entai a him and Arceus and mew a her for some reason Xp
Sorry for the late reply, but I also like to gender mythical/legendary pokemon.

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No, you do not need to re-challenge the E4 in order for wormhole legendaries to respawn. As long as you don’t catch the legendary, your chances of finding it is the same no matter how many times you encounter it.