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So I have ’s I failed shiny wormhole hunting for awhile but failed to notice if anything can have it’s HA so far cj have bug that just may be my bad luck if this has already been asked sorry


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GamerGuides confirms that the Legendary Pokemon that you get in wormholes cannot have those abilities. I don't know about the rest of them; GameFAQs seems to imply that this is impossible, but they are user-generated and I have always felt uneasy about using that as a source unless they give a thorough answer.

As far as my personal experience goes, I only own two Pokemon from Ultra Space (Shiftry and Heliolisk), and neither of them had their Hidden Ability. Bulbapedia doesn't say anything on the matter.

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Thanks MSL guess i’ll keep trying just in case
What are you doing to hunt for abilities? It might never work and have nothing to do with your luck.
I’m not “ablity hunying” i am SHINY hunting and wondered if it was possiable just wondering is that not allowed?
that's fine
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No, Pokemon in the Ultra Wormhole do not have their Hidden Abilities, whether they are regular Pokemon or Legendaries.

Source: Old knowledge.