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I recently had my encounter with Latios and I reset it to get timid nature and get good IVs. After that my train of thought to check the IVs was to take it to my Moon version, as it should easy to check there, so I did also just EV train it and still had the exact lv no new moves. I was a happy guy thinking that I'd just transfer it back, not knowing you can't transfer it back using the Pokemon bank. So, my question is, I know in the game you can travel to different islands. Can I do it with a different Pokemon?

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I think that the question is pretty clear. By "islands" I think that the asker just means Mirage Islands. Either way, as long as he's talking about soaring, it doesn't matter much.
Sorry about that. A small error. And no, I didn't play the games.
Still, he said Latias/Latios in the question title
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i've actually just completed the game

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No. You need to use the Eon Flute, which is given after defeating/capturing Kyogre/Groudon, to fly on Latios/Latias to Mirage Islands. If you have Omega Ruby you can only use Latios, and in Alpha Sapphire you can only use Latias. Also a fun tip, while flying on Latios/Latias pressing some buttons can make the Pokemon do different tricks.

Also even though you don't have your Latios anymore, Stephen will still give you the Eon Flute, meaning you can still soar on Latios without the actual Pokemon in your save file.

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