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I've been having a debate with a friend about Kyogre's origin. I think it's a whale but he thinks it's a dolphin.
What do you think?


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Kyogre may be modeled after the Earth's oceans and may also be a personification of the ocean. Its conflict with Groudon is similar to that of Leviathan and Behemoth, who would start a battle that would kill them both at the end of time. Like Kyogre, Leviathan is associated with the sea, and the Hebrew word for Leviathan is now used for whales in modern Hebrew, which may be why Kyogre's appearance also draws inspiration from whales, especially the orca. However, Leviathan does not resemble Kyogre in traditional depictions.

Also all dolphins are whales. If something is a dolphin then it's also a whale.

Also helpful to note that the Bulbapedia article literally says "whale-like" when describing its physical attributes.
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Kyogre appears to be based on whales, and has characteristics of an orca. However, I personally think it is based off of a blue sea dragon. Here is a photo of it (if it loads). Most of us know what orcas look like, so I will not post a photo.This link also gives facts by the way.

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