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Dragon Rage deals always 40 damage, and Sonic Boom 10 damage. However, when I used Dragon Rage against a Shuckle, it only dealt 7% damage, while it should do about 1/6 damage if it has max HP, which is about 16,5%.
100 vs 100, Dragon Rage was a test, and no stat changes, just the second turn

So here is my question:
Does Dragon Rage and Sonic Boom also deal the same damage when used by a level 1 Pokémon?

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What level was the shuckle?
Also, correct, Dragon Rage and Sonic Boom deal fixed damage regardless of the user or the target's level. Sonic Boom actually deals 20 damage, not 10.
Shuckle can have up to 244 HP if it's level 100 and has max EVs and IVs, and 20 damage is about 8% of that.

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Night Shade and Seismic Toss always deal damage equal to the user's Level if it hits, so a Level 100 Pokémon would always do 100 Damage, regardless of Offensive or Defensive stats. :P

Dragon Rage always does 40 Damage if it hits, even if the user is level 1. :P

Sonic Boom always deals 20 Damage if it hits. :P

Gible Dragon Rage vs. 252 HP Shuckle: 40-40 (16.3 - 16.3%) -- guaranteed 7HKO

Magnemite Sonic Boom vs. 252 HP Shuckle: 20-20 (8.1 - 8.1%) -- possibly the worst move ever

When did you use Dragon Rage against Shuckle? I am unsure why it did less damage. Could you explain the battle conditions a bit more? :P

Edit: If you used Sonic Boom, it would have done about 7% damage to Shuckle. Are you certain you didn't use Sonic Boom? :P

Source: Experience

Hope I Helped!

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