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Basically I am new to the whole complex training methods (EVs, Natures, IVs) so please don't kill me if the answer is obvious to you!
I am levelling up my shelgon (34) and have maxed out attack (100) and hp (115) with EV training. I just used the dragon claw tm on her but it does less damage than headbutt! I thought that due to the higher base damage (80) and STAB it would be more powerful- and I checked that they are both physical moves.
Edit: it must of been a glitch as I've restarted and now it's fine.

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This is unknown, game freak made it like that
actually, this is referring to why Dragon Claw (STAB, physical, 80 base power) does less damage than Headbutt (Physical, base 70 power) which isn't possibile i think o-o
I'm losing brain cells. Now I'm completely confused
*hides answer and grabs jetpack* nothing to do here.
This also happened to me. It must be a glitch. Headbutt did not land a critical hit, but it did much more damage than dragon claw.
It's possible Dragon Claw got a low damage roll, and Headbutt got a high one. @ArcticGamer16

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Alright so what I understand from your question is that you are in fact doing LESS damage with Dragon Claw, a base 80 STAB physical attack than Headbutt, a base 70 physical attack on a Shelgon.
This is basically impossible as Dragon Claw goes up to base 120 power counting STAB, while Headbutt remainds the same. Since they use the same stat to calculate the damage, Dragon Claw should be at a higher damage.
The only case where I can think of which Headbutt would do more damage, would be if it was a Critical Hit. Since Critical Hits double the damage of an attack, perhaps that is what happened which caused Headbutt to do more than Dragon Claw.
If not, it's probably some kind of bug or glitch, so reset the game and try again I suppose.

Here's a ridiculously far-fetched possiblity however, assuming you're playing Gen V
If Shelgon got hit by Soak and is holding a Normal gem, theres a possiblity. Since Soak changes you into a Water-type, nullifying your STAB and Normal Gem would boost Headbutt to base 105 power for one time, Headbutt would be stronger. This is ridiculously situational and would only work once by the way :P

Anyway these are all under the assumption you're battling the same Pokemon. yay :D

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Either you got a crit with Headbutt and didn't notice, or your Shelgon's stats were raised by something like Swagger when you used Headbutt, or you used Dragon Claw against a different Pokemon that has higher defence.

If Shelgon is using both moves against the same opponent, then something is glitched; Dragon Claw must do more damage than Headbutt.

oh yeah true different pokemon. xD