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For example, Plus or Minus relies on another Pokémon with Plus and Minus again. Are there any more examples?

Power of Alchemy and Receiver relies on other Pokémon having Abilities, if they count. :P
I'm pretty sure those are the only two with that particular relationship.
Is it abilities that only work because of other abilities? Or, are you looking for relationships like Drought and Cloud Nine too?
I think aura break counts.

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Pretty sure it’s this:

  • Teravolt
  • Turboblaze
  • Mold Breaker
    All depend on abilities like Levitate.
  • Plus/Minus
    Depend on each other.
  • Trace
    Depends on the opposing Pokémon’s ability.
  • Aura Break
    Thanks to Octozooka. Relies on Dark and Fairy Aura.

I think that’s it

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Zygardes Ability reverses aura.