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I mean, will recoil or weather damage break Illusion? Or must it be an attack? Also, is this similar to Focus Punch? (This is not two separate questions because they should have very similar answers).


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Any form of attack making damage on Zorua or zoroark will take off his illusion, except weather and status ailments like burned or poison, focus punch will affect him as long as it hits, any attack that is done to the pokemon using focus punch will cause it to fail, except status ailment and weather

Does stealth rock or spikes break it?
No they don't
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It has to be an attack if it is effected by a status problem or weather its illusion doesnt go away

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That is not entirely true any damage done to a zoura or Zoroark while in Illusion mode will totally change it back to its normal form except status condition or weather

It must be an attack