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Night-time in Ultra Sun should be from 6:00 pm to 5:59 am...
But whenever a special helper shows up while I'm SOS chaining Eevee, it's always Espeon. Last night I was still getting Espeon at 8:00 pm and even at midnight.

Why is this happening?

Everywhere I read says that you can get both Espeon and Umbreon in Ultra Sun just depending on the time of day, but I haven't gotten a single Umbreon. I've chained Eevee before and have gotten both Espeon and Umbreon as the chain continued, but in Ultra Sun it's just always Espeon and that seems really weird to me. I mean, it doesn't really matter -- I'm just curious.

And no, my DS clock is not out of whack.

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ok this is weird
if you started sos chaining in the day, the encounter tables don't change :P
oh cool
Thanks Stakatakatakatakatakatakataka, I had a hunch this might be the answer.
I must have been mistaking when I said I've had both Espeon and Umbreon appear.

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Just so this gets off the 'unanswered' table:

if you started sos chaining in the day, the encounter tables don't change :P

They're right. When night comes, no Umbreon will show up.

Source: Stakatacool and personal experience.

Fun fact: I tried to hunt shiny Eevee this way and pulled a shiny [censored] Umbreon instead. It was only the second one in the whole chain. The whole point was to get a high-potential shiny Eevee that would evolve accordingly, not a trash Umbreon. -_-

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SOS hunting Eevee is especially annoying because you have to choose between a Synchronizing Pokémon and switching or a Pokémon that can't loose Accuracy, because Sand Attack is so fricken annoying. :P
Yeah, I ended up getting a shiny Espeon. Not only is that exactly what I didn't want to happen, but Espeon is widely agreed to be one of the WORST shinies to ever exist! I killed that thing so quickly.

It's in-game shiny sprite is pretty beautiful IMO though.
there also seems to be a glitch where if you play for extended periods of time the game gets confused if you stay in a battle/have the 3ds closed. the way that i have found to fix this is via going to the reverse world and back, or doing a mantine surf