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Also if you can, best way to catch tangela in Safari Zone?

Go to area 3 or area 4 in the morning or day and use sweet scent.
Anything else
I think using the repel trick with a level 30 Pokemon makes it more common. You should also try to figure out the mud and bait mechanics, because I didn't. I don't think there's any ability that can make Tangela more common.
I got the Mud/Bait mechanics, but how can you do repel trick when cant use pokemon
You can't use Pokemon in battle, but they still work normally out of battle. Also the repel trick doesn't work with sweet scent, so you have to choose one.
I think repel trick — it would reudce my encounter to only tanglea and yanma rite?
There might be "changing Pokemon" in areas 3 or 4 that you can encounter at level 30.

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Make sure it's morning or daytime and the first Pokemon in your party is at exactly level 30. Go to area 3 or 4. Use some kind of repel.
If your first Pokemon has illuminate, swarm, or arena trap, then that should make you encounter Pokemon more often.

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