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I'm trying different moves for a special sweeper set (252 in spA and Sp). Which one of them has better utility or would have more opportunities to be used by Mega-Gardevoir?

  • Calm Mind
  • Snatch
  • Destiny Bond

Depending on the move I think it could be better using a specially bulky attacker EV set. I'm running the typical combination of HyperVoice, Psychic and ShadowBall.

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Are you playing doubles OU? If you are, then Gardevoir is a viable Pokemon, but its only viable status moves are protect and trick room.
If you're playing singles, then being able to hit two opponents doesn't matter. Gardevoir is also outclassed by Alakazam. Alakazam has an even higher special attack and also higher speed, and it can learn a bunch of good attacks and recover. Alakazam's pre-mega ability lets it take no damage from entry hazards.
Well, Alakazam it's a better hyper offensive sweeper... But it just doesn't take a hit. Overall... I was asking if snatch can have some use competitively, stealing some dragon dances, quiver dances or stealth rocks. It can be a surprise option as nobody (I think) used it.
Snatch requires you to both be at the right place and time. I mostly use it on leads in Battle Spot Singles so that I can Snatch a Shell Smash from Cloyster. :P

Trace is very unreliable. Even if you nab an Immunity, it usually won't save Gardevoir (or Alakazam) for that matter. :P

Tapu Lele's Psychic Surge boosts Psychic moves by 1.3 and makes it immune to Priority moves, which stops it from being Checked/Countered by Mega Scizor and Mega Mawile. Gardevoir is a little less frail than Mega Alakazam (Mega Gardevoir has 68 HP, 65 Def, 135 Special Defense, Mega Alakazam has 55 Hp, 65 Def, 105 SpD), but still often goes down in one hit and is slower than Tapu Lele and Alakazam, which makes it a less desirable Calm Mind user, while Tapu Lele can take a hit from more Pokémon and secures more KOs with more Speed. Mega Gardevoir is only better than Tapu Lele in Doubles, otherwise, you should Probably use Tapu Lele or Mega Alakazam. :P
Okey... So... Calm mind? Then it would need sticky web support... Though taking down slower pokes it can't ko seems also a good idea.
Calm mind Gardevoir won't be better than Alakazam, but you can use it if you want.

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Gardevoir will be mostly outclassed by Alakazam no matter what moves it knows. Teach it will-O-wisp if you want the slightest niche over Alakazam.