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I need savable and importable move boxes, and wondered if there was any websites that had the Black-White/XY/ORAS/USM move box image files. I couldn't find any on Serebii or Veekun, and didn't check Bulbapedia because I doubt they have them (but could be wrong). :P

If there is no place that has them and you would kindly give me a few sprites to use, I will be eternally grateful, but this would be a lot to ask as I need Stone Edge, Will-O-Wisp, Earth Power, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Fusion Bolt, Aromatherapy (or Heal Bell), Seismic Toss, Secret Sword, Hydro Pump, Calm Mind, Soft Boiled, Stealth Rock, Roost, Hurricane, U-Turn, Wild Charge, Iron Head, Brave Bird, Icicle Crash, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Defog, Metal Sound, Flamethrower, Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, Pain Split, Hidden Power, Leaf Blade, Smart Strike, Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, Heavy Slam, Stockpile, Return, Heat Wave, Gyro Ball, Power Whip, and Synthesis, and I wouldn't want to burden you. :P


What's a move box?
The box Sprite that has the move name and type, is the color of the move's type, and is the "button" you select in the battle menu of the games. :P
A way to get them is using a 3ds capture card and screenshot the bottom screen when you see those moves. Another way is just emulating the game
I think one easy way is finding someone on Youtube with a emulator, play the videos, and take screenshots of the moves.

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You can take screenshots of let's plays on Youtube. Is this answer good enough?

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I guess this is the best that I can get. Thanks. :P