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I really want to trade my spare latios for a latias on the GTS except because I have never seen a latias I cannot offer trade?

Is the only way to battle against one? Please help me!

Thanks in advance

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I thought you could ask for a trade anyway by using the search option?
No it only shows Pokémon registered as “seen” or “caught” on the Pokédex!!
If you know someone who has the Eon Ticket, they can send it over to you through StreetPass and you can catch Latias. Aside from that, I'm not sure if battling a trainer online counts as seeing it on the Pokedex unless someone's willing to trade it back.
Damn that’s a shame

Thanks heaps for taking the time to help out with that you’re the best
There is an option called "What Pokémon?" (after Z) that allows you to search for any Pokémon on the GTS, granted you can spell it's name manually. If you do type it's name manually, you will not be able to search for a specific gender, but I don't think that will be a problem. :P
Wow that’s super awesome idk how I missed it but thanks so much bro!!

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In the Generation VI games, the Global Trade Station is accessible via the Player Search System. Unlike in previous generations, the player may now ask for or seek Pokémon not yet registered in their Pokédex by selecting "What Pokémon?" at the end of the alphabetical options and typing out a Pokémon's name, though the gender of the Pokémon cannot be selected in this kind of search.

You don't have to register a Latias to search for one. :P


Hope I helped!