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What do bottle caps do?

I heard that silver max a stat, (you choose one) but is that for evs or ivs or what?
(Dis makes no sense answer please)

I have no idea what these things are. Please help


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There are two types of bottle caps. There are the silver ones as you mentioned. These bottle caps are given to Mr. Hyper so that he will hyper train one of your Pokemon's stats to its max. Then there are gold bottle caps. These bottle caps are given to Mr. Hyper so that he will train all of your Pokemon's stats to their max. And by stats I mean individual strengths which can be seen by using the judge function. Btw, Mr. Hyper only can hyper train your Pokemon if they are level 100. He is found inside the Hau Oli city mall on the first island. These bottle caps can be found in many ways, if you need me to post that I will. However, they still are quite rare so do not use them unless you have specially planned and raised your perfect Pokemon for the battle tree or some other format.
Source: My knowledge based on my game experience

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They allow you to hyper train your Pokemon. You can only do it once they're level 100. Normal ones max out 1 stat, while gold max them all. In the mall on the first island, a old guy in a red shirt in the upper right of the mall.

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Specifically, they Max out the IVs of the stat-they don't effect EVs. :P
Additionally, they only give an 'artificial' max to the stat, which means you cannot breed perfect IVs from hyper trained stats.
So when you say ivs, do you mean the random numbering that you are given to a pokemon for each stat is maxed?