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Shiny Glaceon
Ability: Ice Body — HA
In Normal Pokeball
OT : Japanese Trainer
Nature: Timid
ID Number: 63526

It’s Says: Seems to have traveled across both space and time to reach you from the Kanto region in the good old days

It also has the little Game card next to its name. I think that means it’s been transferred from one first games I don’t know, anyway please help and leave a reply thanks

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the japanese one got eevee by transferring from RBY VC then evolved eevee in mount lanakila inside cave (there's a ice rock)
edit: oh that eevee was shiny? since RBY has no shiny since shiny was introduced in generation 2 my question how that guy got a shiny pokemon in gen 1 games
I got it from Trade - so do you think it’s legit?

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It is possible, but that would mean it was transferred from Gen1 or 2. Unless you are playing SM or USUM it’s hacked. Pokémon transferred and evolved from the Gen 1 games all have Hidden ability. Also, they can be shiny based on randomness.

Source: Experience.

Thank you :)