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Hi! I was wondering if an Arceus with the Hasty set would be usable in WiFi battles and such, as I'm a big fan of Arceus and love using it, but Jolly is the main nature, which is not the one I have. Is there any way to make this usable? Thanks in advance!

You can use it as a ground type special sweeper with judgement and ice beam, and it'll be slightly less bulky than a timid Arceus.
If it’s not adamant it’s not capable of extreme speed sweeping, hence it’s useless.
Arceus without extreme speed is definitely not useless. Arceus can be a wall or support with earth plate, recover, stealth rock, and defog. It can also wall a lot of water-weak or ice-weak opponents with splash plate and recover.
You can potentially run an E-Killer with Hasty since all you lose is a little bit of bulk and power at the benefit of outrunning Adamant Arceus sets. Besides, E-Killer is most certainly not the only set Arceus can run. The sets possible for its types and roles are nearly limitless, too.

Jolly would easily be the more preferred ability but Hasty isn't the worst nature.

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Arceus @ earth plate
Ability: multitype
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Hasty nature
- defog
- judgement
- ice beam
- recover

This is supposed to mimic the standard defensive ground Arceus. Its physical defense is slightly lower, but it still works often.