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I accidentally caught a shiny Bonsly tonight, but its nature is Hasty, which lowers its Defense (best stat) and boosts its Speed (worse stat) and its ability is Sturdy. What is even more sad, I can't check its IV's yet, I'm only on Ula'ula Island. So... How can I put this Bonsly to a good use? Thanks in advance!
Sorry for any mistakes.

Oof, but you can easily use it in game, as natures don’t matter too much there. At the very least you caught it
Yes, I did! You can't see its nature without catching it... or can you?

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Natures don't really matter too much in the early-midgame because they add 10% boost and take 10%, while this does cut a good stat of the soon-to-be sudowoodo in later game. At lower levels, that doesn't matter too much. Just use it as you would a regular Bonsly with Sturdy!

Congrats on the shiny btw :)

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I would recommend 252 EVs in Attack and 252 in Speed and having it learn Counter and Rock Slide.
EVs are useless when you can just turn on the exp. share and level grind a lot.
Thanks a lot! <з
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