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Hello everyone... I went back to play USUM a little while ago and got Poipole. Poipole currently has a impish nature but can someone tell me how to get Poipole a modest nature if possible?...Thx in advance

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As for changing its Nature, that can only be done in Sword/Shield, via the Mints.  So you'd have to migrate to Sword/Shield through Bank/Home in order to do what you want.
Did you save after getting Poipole?
i don't have sword/shield and i'm a lot farther in the game after getting poipole.... i didn't just get Poipole
poipole isn't in swsh, so you can't
So I actually figured it out... I just ev trained my poipole and raised his special attack.
Lol, whatever works

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You don't really have a lot of options, sadly. Mints are the best way to go about this, but they're exclusive to SwSh, which, even if you had those games, Poipole isn't even coded in there as of writing this, so that's effectively a dead end. You're also too far in the game for soft resetting to be an option either, and since Poipole is a legendary/legendary-adjacent 'mon, you can't breed for a new one. Really, your only options are to attempt to trade for one and hope for the best, or start a new game, unfortunately.

Hope this helped!