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I recently received my first shiny, a Cyndaquil also happens to be one of my favorite Pokemon. I received it with a "Rash" nature, wich increases Sp Atk. and lowers Sp Def. It is also "Mischievous" which increases Sp. Atk. as well. I figured it would be pretty good with moves like Flamethrower, blast burn, fire pledge ect. But is it an ideal nature for a Typhlosion?

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right now it's still a level 17 Quilava
its hp is 51
attack 29
defense 29
sp. attack 40
sp. defense 27
speed 37

do those seem ok?

I also just want to add this happened after less than 40 soft resets and it scared the crap out of me. I was so excited i saved my game 6 times in a row just to make sure. lol NO CHEATING SYSTEMS because i am far to poor to buy anything like that.
my first soft reset shiny was a chikorita in soul silver :) 1414 SR
you can EV training on sp atack and speed
how do you ev train? i've just always played pokemon not worrying about natures ev's ect...
if you have black and white is more easy, just kill 4 litwicks without bands or 2 litwicks with sp band and you automaticly win +1 sp at , im going to to that on my lv 50 shiny meganium :)
It's pretty easy in X and Y also.

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It is a good nature, but it's not ideal.
The best nature for Typhlosion would be either Modest (+SpA -Att) or Timid (+Spe -Att) as it probably wont use any Physical moves but you will get hit with Special moves.

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34 secs behind XD really
oh :( darn. well at least it wasnt a terrible nature being it IS  a shiny and i wasn't going to take a chance of sr to get one with a better nature. thank you though!! any ideas on a good moveset?
thanks again! i do always have it learn solarbeam to knock out a water or rock type.
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While Rash isn't the most ideal nature for a Typhlosion, it isn't bad at all.

The best nature for a Typhlosion would most likely be Modest which increases Sp. Atk and decrease it's Atk.

You also seem to be mistaken about what Typhlosion being Miscievous means. You can see what it means here.
In order to see what IVs your Typhlosion has you can go to one of the Stat Judges. You can find the locations of them here.

Edit: You can find plenty of good move set for Typhlosion here.

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thank you those helped out alot! it would be pretty cool if i had a shiny modest Typhlosion :( but with shinys you take what you get!