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Okay so my Eevee (shiny eevee in case you are wondering why I just don't breed another one) I wish to evolve into a Vaporeon however it's nature is jolly and that nature reduces its SP. Att an brings up its speed. what I want to know is if I EV train it right can I still make it a good Pokemon to use in online battles, I don't know how much jolly will affect it but i'm hoping I can work around it and still make its SP Att a force to be reckoned with. Any input on this would be great and thanks for your time.

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Is there a particular reason you want it to be Vaporeon? Leafeon would be a decent choice for a Jolly nature (as would Umbreon and Flareon to a lesser extent).
No, I do not care much for natures. I caught a bunch of Eevees and just evolved them at will, not looking to see which nature they are. So it really doesn't matter that much, it's just a tiny stat change.

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You can still make a good set from a nature that isn't ideal; your vaporeon will function pretty well and be able to still do its job. Just remember that there is a reason that people breed Pokemon so vigorously; the nature or IVs can give them a slight edge in battles. I don't think your vaporeon will be a failure just because of the nature. Just remember that opponents who breed their Pokemon thoroughly will have a slight edge in battles.

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Yes. It can be still good but just a little difference between stats.

For example if you have a Eevee with a Neutral Nature and Evolve it into Vaporeon, going against a Eevee with a Jolly Nature and Evolve it into a Vaporeon if you look at the Jolly Nature Eevee it's Special Attack it will be about 5-10-15 less then the other one.

If you EV train it enough it should be still Okay in Online Battles, but just a little let back in Special Attack.

Hope this helped. - DragonHaxorus

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I have never known why people liked shinies so much... They`re basically jusr the same Pokemon in a different colour.
So, about your question... yes, you CAN stil make a Pokemon with a bad nature have lots of potential. Just remember, though, that natures have an increase and decrease in stats by 10%. That 10% could play a huge part in wifi competitive battles. My advice to you is to just breed another, though. Shiny or not, the same kind of Pokemon will always have the same base stats.

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