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I just found a shiny Xurkitree, but what stinks is that its a sassy nature. I want to use it on my team but that nature may not be the best for speed. It also has a perfect 31 in speed. Can I still make it work?

It really depends how committed you want to be. Once in a while, someone wins a major tournament with a bad Pokemon, but that takes a lot of skill. So I don't think this question can be answered objectively.
What you just said is literally a possible answer to the question.
I approved it, it’s fine.

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Xurkitree’s main flaw is it’s less than average speed stat. If you really want it to be good (which is a Special Sweeper), you need an increased speed stat. Having a decreased one means you can get easily outspend by many Pokémon, and Sp. Defense doesn’t help against common Earthquakes.
I know how tempting it is to use a shiny, but catching one with Timid nature will be better competitive-wise.
But hey, at least it’s still an awesome shiny!