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I've had a lot of problems in this playthrough. So basically I beat Giovanni and was on my way to victory road without healing because my memory is like a goldfish and I forgot to heal. I totally forgot about the rival battle and got defeated. I defeated him on my second try and went back to heal this time. I looked at my stats to see if I needed to train before Victory road. I 100% remember having a timid nature for my Vaporeon, as I wanted a minus attack nature for Vaporeon and was hyped to get it. When I looked at my stats, Vaporeon had RASH nature, which I'm not complaining about but still. Is this a glitch or did something happen during the rival battle. I'm nearly 100% sure that you can't change nature in Fire Red. So why did this happen?

Must be a glitch. Or else you might have not remembered it's nature properly.
How were you playing this game? Was it on an emulator, or a GameBoy Advance?
I'm playing on gameboy advance like I was the rest of this playthrough.

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There are only 2 options to this. You either didn’t remember what is was properly, or it glitched out.
I did my research, and there are no nature changing glitches as far as I can see. So, you could have glitched your game out in a way that barely anyone has done, or you forgot the original nature of it before and when you saw that it had a rash nature, that was actually the nature it had all along.
If you are absolutely sure it was timid before, then you must’ve glitched your game. It is a GameBoy Advance, not the newest console, so you probably just glitched it.

Hope I helped!

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I'm 100% sure it was timid nature at first. It might be a glitch then. Thanks!
Yep! No problem! And like I said, it is a Gameboy Advance, so it is very likely that it glitched.