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For example: Nothing when it comes out of a poke ball.
Timer symbol when coming out of a timer ball.

Aww dude I can’t open reddit
YouTube is also blocked in China.
Maybe just do a google search?
Google is also banned in China.
But seriously I need this question answered. It’s probably the most important question I have asked yet.
Sorry but I can't help. I know in the USUM guidebook has them but if you don't have that you will have to buy it.
Oh. X/Y and ORAS. I didn’t need to know about Sun/Moon. I haven’t opened those yet.
Lmao I’m still trying to finish Black 2 and I need one more play through of Kalos before I can open Sun/Moon.
So I found that gen 6 and 7 games had very similar pokeball models and animations.
Here's a link try this: https://imgur.com/a/YePlm
Tell if it works or I'll find another way to help you.
These were good links. Thanks guys.

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Well, this video shows all the different Pokéball animations from Sun and Moon.

Did u read the comments I can’t go on YouTube. Also I got enough from the comments to have a good answer.
Whoops, didn’t read the comments. If you can’t use YouTube then it’d probably be best to mention that in the question so people would realise. Also, sorry for the late reply I don’t really hop on this site often.