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I’m picky about the pokéballs I catch my Pokémon in, so I’d like to preview the animations before I pick a ball to catch them in as I’m not too far in my Ruby save yet and don’t have access to all the balls.

I’m wondering if anyone has a link or something to RSE pokeball animations so I could see them all before I decide?



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1) skip to 15 min (pokeball)
2) skip to 5 min (great ball)
3) skip to 2 min (ultra ball)
4) skip to 2 min (safari ball)
5) skip to 57 seconds (master ball)
6) skip to 1:16 min (dive ball) (animation is same in proper games)
7) skip to 5 min (luxury ball)
8) skip to 8 min (net ball)
9) skip to 8:39 min (primier ball)
10) skip to 30 seconds (nest ball)
11) skip to 22 seconds (timer ball)
12) In starting itself (repeat ball)

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for giving list kyogre, I'm filling it!
Only repeat, nest and timer is remaining
Unfortunately there is no animation in youtube of repeat ball. So this the final answer
But it asked for all of them, therefore this is incomplete and incorrect
Now Finally complete.