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For Christmas last year, my parents got me Pokémon Platinum, Leaf Green, and Ruby. No doubt, the copies of Platinum and Leaf Green are real. But there are some indicators that my Ruby may be real, but some indicators that it may not be. It says on it, Official Nintendo Seal of Quality. And when I look inside the bottom of the cartridge, I see Nintendo and some numbers and letters. But on the front where it says Nintendo, it doesn't look like Nintendo's current logo. And on the E for everybody, the E is thinner than the E on my copy of Leaf Green. So, is my copy real?

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The thin E is a massive indicator of a fake cartridge. I’d say it’s most likely fake, but if you want to be sure, try migrating Pokémon from that Ruby to a 4th Gen game if you can. A fake will never be recognized at all by a 4th Gen game.

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