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I'd like to know which would be better for my XY team. Originally I was planning on sticking with Gardevoir but you get the Gardevoirite after beating the Elite Four, plus she doesn't learn any fairy type moves until level 85, which is a bit late (and you get TM Dazzling Gleam later as well), so her secondary typing is a little useless offensively. I really like Malamar's ability 'Contrary' and it would have it's advantages, but he's 4x weak to bug and Gardevoir has better stats anyway. So I'm a little torn as to what I should do.

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We need more information. What type of battle? (Format). Also you tagged this question movesets, does that mean you want movesets for both?
If you are talking about Inverse Battles (which were introduced in XY), then please note that Malamar (Psychic/Dark) is only weak to Psychic, whereas Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) is 4x Weak to Fighting and 2x weak to Psychic and Dragon.
People play X/Y for reasons other than inverse battles.
I don't understand this. What is the question in particular?
Edited for clarification! Sorry for the confusion. Movesets would be appreciated but not necessary :)
Gardevior takes up a mega slot and there are sooo many better Mega Pokémon out there

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Bug is uncommon after the Bug gym, which happens pretty early. If you really needed to, you could also get something like Honedge, Charizard, or Lucario tank Bug moves. Gardevoir has low Defense and HP, as well as Delphox/Greninja/Lucario/Charizard/Squirtle/Venusaur being better for an in-game team. I think you should use Malamar and Mega Evolve Lucario or whatever Kanto starter you use instead. :P

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Hope I helped!

R u kidding? Mega evolve Mewtwo, ofc
But if the original poster is using Pokemon X then Mewtwo will lose its resistance to Psychic moves, so it's still better to mega evolve Lucario.
You wouldn't want to have a late game Mega for an in-game team, especially when Lucario is handed to you. :P
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Malamar would be your best bet here. Malamar has a better move pool and the bug type weakness isn't a bug deal. (See what I did there?)

But seriously Malamar is a bit better.