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This is unlike anything Ive seen before. the comments say its real. I want to know if this is actually possible. First off I'm in China but I'm using an American 3DSXL and American game card in english. Second, I tried with Pokemon white and for the first setting. Do I need to be using Black 2?

Also I don't understand if this video works I tried with get via wireless but the guy said to use get via NFC but when I try nintendo wifi connection it says wifi for this game has been discontinued. yet people from 2 weeks ago claimed they got this to work.

Can anyone confirm if this works and how to do it properly? (Mainly bypass the "the wifi for this game has been discontinued error 20110 or something). and can I use white or does it need to be black 2?( I got both but white was closest when I tried it with that).

i dont think is it possible to do that in china firstly i may require a old working router since nintendo WFC only connects with WEP and old routers have WEP key support secondly i dont think Nintendo was banned in china but you can try
My main problem I think is the the WiFi has been discontinued

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This likely has to do with you attempting to do this in China. A note placed by the poster of that video says that he has doubts about working outside of the United States and Europe. I was inclined to think that as well before I took a look at it. I'm not certain of it, but if problems are persistent, that's probably the issue. There is no fix for that.

I think my main concern is the “WiFi has been discontinued” message. How do I fix this?
That's what I'm saying. I don't think you can. I'm pretty sure that's what he means by it not working in your country.
Aw. Crap. Back to the action replay then...