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(I'm on Pokemon White)

Lilligant can't learn sleep powder. The only way to get a sleep powder Lilligant is evolving another Petilil.
By alternative I meant replacement
What did you want to do with Lilligant before you realized that it forgot sleep powder? Were you just using it to fight in-game trainers?
I was mostly using it to battle in-game trainers and a bit of local battles.
In that case, you can try to get a Celebi, Breloom, or Abomasnow. If you can't get any of them, then I think the next best is either Virizion or simply keeping your sleep powder-less Lilligant.

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Depends which game you are playing. I would suggest using the move relearner, which I'm pretty sure is in every game except gen 1, but I may be wrong, but of course, Lilligant isn't in gen 1, so it should be fine

I think the comments have already established that Lilligant can't learn sleep powder, even if you go to the move reminder.
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That really depends on the role you want lilligant to play. what's her current move set? and where do you want to use her more? (ingame or online?)

some good alternatives I can suggest are protect + toxic for that staller life extra damage (she only has 70 base hp so substitute could maybe be used but I wouldn't recommend it) you could also use protect to maybe scout for HP ice/fire (maybe flying but does anyone even use that? lol)

or if you want her to be a "protector" type, you could go safeguard to protect the team from some status lnflictions (not self induced like outrage confusion and the like but more like toxic poison, wil-o-wisp and so on)

alternatively you could go lightscreen and give her a light clay to hold to set up and increase the turns of it.

if you want to go offensive, and have energy ball (a pre evo move) you could go with quiver dance to set up. [PS I know she can learn petal dance but I don't like moves that lock you in especially because of sap sipper Pokemon]

these are only some of the things I can think of at the moment. l love lilligant but her move pool isn't very wide.