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I want to complete the Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon Pokédex. I have 55%. People say completing the Pokédex is easy, but I am really lazy, so is there easy method of completing it?

There's really no way to do it legitimately without putting in the effort to do it.
There are still some ways that are easier than others. What's wrong with asking for an easier way?
My brother completed his dex in Moon. And there's no national dex should you could be done in a few hours/days if you put in some effort.
All I can think of is the GTS
A 'few hours' is way too less for 400+ Pokémon. That's impossible.
I'm doing the National Dex for a year now but i don't play the game half of the year. lol

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gts dude. get a starter, breed it, but it in the gts, and ask for whatever Pokemon your missing. remember, you dont need marshadow or zeraora for the pokedex. you do need magearna though. good luck.

You don't need Magearna for the Pokedex.
i could have swore you did. granted i got magearna very early (as soon as i beat the league, infact relicanth was the last one i needed), but i thought there was a slot under the ultra beasts for magearna, while marshadow and zeraora just made a new space.