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Without me needing to go to Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Reason for question?
I turned on VPN and was unable to find any Pokémon. When I battled Articuno (from the research) it fled on my first turn. Also 39 ultra balls failed to catch Magikarp (basically Legendaries run and Poke balls are set to fail if your region is China). Luckily I went to Hong Kong and the game reset me from when I left the states and got to re-battle Articuno and save some poke balls (as well as re-battle Magikarp).


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I would assume this is related to the way economic law works in China, in that foreign corporations and products are flat out illegal, unless carried by a Chinese corporation via a contract that is more beneficial to the Chinese corporation than the foreign one. So until the game company behind Pokemon Go makes such a contract (which I sincerely hope they do not) it will be illegal for Pokemon Go to operate in China.