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My current team consist of

Let me know what one I should switch out or if I should keep my team

I think you should switch Persian
The only ghost Pokemon in the game is Haunter, which gets no special STAB and is worth using only if you can trade and evolve it and you don't already have a poison Pokemon on your team, like Ivysaur. I also think Dragonite evolves way too late to be worth the hundreds of thousands of experience, so I recommend that you stop using Dratini and Persian and not get a Haunter so you can put all your experience into your stronger Pokemon. If you really want a team of 6, then I think you should use Zapdos and Clefable instead of Dratini and Persian.

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It honestly depends. If your okay with having a machoke or have some way of trading to make it a machamp, then trade persian. If not, trade machop. But in the end it's your decision

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I'm pretty sure most FR players can't trade, so you probably shouldn't recommend trading unless the person specifically told you that he/she/it can trade.
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Well my friend I believe that you should switch Persian with a Ghost type Pokemon Because Persian is normal type Pokemon and as you know that Normal type moves are not super Effective against any type of Pokemon.
Also Haunter is available in early part of the game. I believe that Haunter without evolving is difficult Pokemon to trained. You should select Misdreavus instead of Haunter. Misdreavus is a lot stronger than Haunter but it will take alot time for you to get a Misdreavus so you must better be prepared for a long journey my friend.
Hope my answer will help you!!!

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IF you have to do a hard battle now it would be best to remove the least leveled Pokemon ,possibly a dratini
Or if are to train your Pokemons you should switch out Persian because the other type Pokemons are even more useful than Persian or you can use the same team on my opinion,as it is good team f trained good and given good tms.
Hope this helps!