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Context: In the past two years, I've been searching for a copy of Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. I bought a Platinum cartridge from Gamestop two years ago and it was very pricey. When I started playing it, it would always freeze. My saved progress would also get erased by itself. I've always questioned whether it's a fake copy because of the game-play and the blurry sticker. Today, I concluded that it's actually fake. I compared it to my authentic SoulSilver, seeing that the white Nintendo DS bar was larger and a little more bold. This is the first time I got scammed.

Two days ago, I bought a cartridge of Pearl, on ebay, from a seller who has 100% feedback, however the seller sold over 60 copies of it, and it actually comes from China, despite the seller resides in Utah. This was the second time I got scammed for buying a generation 4 game. I received the cartridge yesterday, and turned out to be fake. The Nintendo logo on the back didn't match my Soulsilver's, and the E for the game's age rating wasn't bold enough. I tested it, and it worked fine. But, I don't want to face the same issues I had with Platinum, like save files being corrupt and the game always freezing.

Edit: I gave gamestop one more chance, and they gave me an authentic copy of Pearl. The condition was good. The price wasn't so bad.

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I don’t think it’s worth buying a gen 4 game over $40
Amazon is typically less preferred unless the game is new. I'd just recommend eBay or maybe Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace
@Rick eBay is filled with people selling multiple bootleg copies of gen 4 games from China. I'll try Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.
A lot of more small local game shops have legit copies of games, I found to observe at least in my area
I bought 2 Generation 4 games from my local Gamestop, and both were real. They were over $40 each, though.

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Amazon.com (Usually real, read review)
eBay.com (Wouldent trust but you never know)
taobao.com (Most used games are real, but may have hacked Pokemon).