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ok, so I have my yveltal in Pokemon y, its name is natures bane, and I'm wondering what I should super train it in. I think speed and sp. attack, but I'm not sure. can I get some help? I just wish to know what I should train it in. the moves are as follows: dark pulse, oblivion wing, shadow claw, and fly.

edit: it has a lax nature, no idea about the ivs. and this is purely an in-game/post game battler. I don't like to go online on older games.

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What are its nature and IVs?
Do you want to use this Yveltal for battling other people or in-game trainers?
in-game battles. i don't do online things in pokemon y
Just give it max special attack so it one-shots everything. The other stats don't matter for in-game.

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Yveltal should already outspeed almost everything regardless of EVs. Just give it max special attack so it can one-shot everything.