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Putting together the old metanite Deck and I came across a few questions about special metal energy,

1.) How many can I have in a deck?

2.) Or Is it like regular energy (as many as I like) ?

3.) AND does the metal energy bonuses stack as far as reducing damage ?

I'm pretty sure you can't have more than 4 of any card unless it's a basic energy or the card says you can have as many as you want.

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special energy cards with the same name can not occur morw then 4 times in a deck. the effects do stack. you may only place 1 energy a turn without the aid of another card or effects. I play tcg myself, and I had a simular question for the special energy "call energy". this was before I started on this site, so I just spent 4 hours searching online. hopefully I spared you from this. hope I helped.