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im tired of fighting the same trainers there how do i make more people come?

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You need to use entralink and get people from white forest to come to it.

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To increase the amount of residents in Black City or White Forest, you need to connect to entralink in your C-gear and find a world that is owned by a person with Pokemon White Version.

Go to their White Forest and talk to as many people as you need. Some of these residents may move to your Black City. Please take note that talking to people while dong a mission via the Entree, the people wont move to your Black City.

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Go to White Forest and talk to everyone there. Not everyone will come back with you and sometimes you have to wait a very long time. Without a friend with White you won't be able to get it to grow. Also the trainers will always have the exact same stuff and stand in the exact same spot every time.