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Let’s say I had a male, non-Hidden Ability Tirtouga with the Sturdy ability and a female Relicanth that’s non-Hidden Ability. (Relicanth's Hidden Ability is Sturdy, while Tirtouga has Sturdy as a non-Hidden Ability.)

Suppose I breed Tirtouga and Relicanth. Is there a chance I can get a Sturdy Relicanth from this matchup?

If you are wondering my logic, male Pokémon have a chance to pass hidden Ability and sturdy is the hidden Ability of the Relicanth, but not of the male Tirtouga.

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And if this is possible, can Relicanth Male breed Swift Swim with Female Tirtuga that has sturdy and get Swift swim Tirtuga (I mean, Swift swim is its hidden Ability after all).
Actually Swift swim is a good example of it considering most everything with it is in water group 1 or 2 and everything that can potentially inherit is as hidden ability is also in water group 1/2.
Or Male watchog passing Keen Eye (standard ability) down to Glamow (non hidden Ability Female Glamow.

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A female Pokémon (or male when bred with Ditto) has a 60% chance of passing down its ability to the offspring; otherwise the offspring's ability is randomly chosen from its regular abilities.

In your example your breeding a female Relicanth and a male Tirtuga. Only the female Relicanth has a chance to pass down an ability. So only the female Relicanth can pass down the hidden ability.
But if your breeding with a Ditto, that Ditto acts as a replacement for the missing parent, and the other Pokémon acts like the female, being able to pass down the (hidden) ability.

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Sorry falseben, I misread your question. Moon is right. The answer is no
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