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Wasn't it at OU before? Isn't it good enough or just stopped being used?

Probably not... But thanks for the reference :)
Do you want a good answer or no?
Thanks. I no longer want to include it on my team. But if someone wants to answer it I would BA regardless.
Found somewhere that said it has bad movepool.
I moved this because it isn't a complete answer. Only post in the answer box if you're making a comprehensive response to the question.

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Beedrill's main niche which is voltturn, its bad at doing because of the massive amount of spikes in the meta and its weakness to rocks. The mon fails at its main niche. Yeah it gets stab u-turn and can OHKO most fairies in the tier, but what good does that do you if you are just getting whittled down so quickly. beedrill can't even touch lando, which 40% of all teams run, and it loses to so many walls. Maybe against hyper offense its decent, but so many other mons do it better, and versus hyper offense voltturn isn't even that good. Also beedrill heavily relies on its own spikes and rocks to get kills and u-turn but the vast majority of the hazard removable in the tier is defog, which means beedrill can't really get many hazards of its own up, which voltturn teams need to survive. I like beedrill, and I personally don't like seeing the mon this bad in the meta right now (granted C- is a really low rank, but don't even think it deserves that), but the meta just really is not favorable to beedrill atm.

beedrill is just bad. it can't threaten any team because of the dominance of landorus-t, toxapex, and celesteela. stealth rock and spikes make this Pokemon useless. you are removing hazards for a momentum-based Pokemon which is stupid and also once beedrill comes in, then what? u-turn out like a pussy? scizor does the same thing, so does other Pokemon that bring much more to the table like tapu koko and rotom-w. generally on voltturn you use a frightening mega like medicham and heracross. if you are using beedrill, you don't get a mega wallbreaker.
just because it was ranked in oras doesn't mean it is good in sm. it was actually better in oras because it paired so well with Pokemon such as specs keldeo and how solid other voltturn Pokemon such as rotom-w and scarf landorus-t were. it also defeated the omnipresent clefable and offensive landorus-t wasn't low key broken in oras until we get z-moves this gen. in sm, the speed buff doesn't mean anything considering how bulky the metagame is.
spikes are also omnipresent so idk what you are trying to say. if they aren't used on a team, you are playing a more defensive team or sometype of ho in webs, veil, or birdspam, all of which beedrill is **** at beating.


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