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I'm playing Moon and trying to get an Eevee with Covet and according to Serebii it's one of the moves it knows at level 1. However all Eevees thus far have had the other four level 1 moves it learns, none of the Eevees I'm breeding with know Covet.
How, when Egg moves aren't involved, are these initial four moves decided from a pool of over four? Do I need to breed with one that knows Covet? Would deleting some of the moves my breeding Eevees know randomise what the hatched Eevee gets?


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Unless a Pokemon is separately programmed to know specific moves, they know the last 4 level up moves from their level or lower.
Eevees hatch at level 1. Unless they inherit certain moves from their parents, they'll hatch knowing the last 4 level 1 moves, which are helping hand, tackle, growl, and tail whip. They don't know covet because covet is listed before those other 4 moves.
Eevees can know covet if both of their parents knew covet, or if the move reminder teaches covet to them.

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Thank you, that clears things up nicely.