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It’s a legit Solgaleo I got off the GTS in to Ultra Sun but it’s hacked to make menthe OT. Why does it keep giving me this and similar sayings.

It happens right before I do an action at the start of the battle.


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Messages like this come up when a Pokémon has a high affection stat (not to be confused with happiness). Affection is gained by playing with your Pokémon in Pokémon Refresh (or Poké Amie in Gen 6). This message in particular comes up when your Pokémon has at least 4 affection hearts.

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Oof. I forgot I hacked the Affection.
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This happens to everyone at the beginning of the battle.

source: A lot of game time on my Ultra Moon copy

Are you sure? The first 3 I had didn’t do that.
It’s based on a Pokémon’s affection. If you spend more time in Pokémon Refresh, you’ll get messages like this.
So it’s not just for Solgaleo?
It’s any Pokémon that you get a high affection with. As implied above, affection is gained in Pokémon Refresh.
So if this answer is wrong, care to post an accurate answer?