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Besides Primal Kyogore. I don't like using Uber or mythical ones and I already have a Mega...

What format are you playing? Irrespective, I wouldn't recommend playing any format that allows Groudon if you refuse those Pokemon.
Mega Rayquaza? Mega Mewtwo X? Anything with Earthquake? Garchomp?
According to the Pokemon Global Link top 10 Pokemon to defest Groudon are:
1. Primal Kyogre
2. Primal Groudon
3. Mega Rayquaza
4. Lunala
5. Xerneas
6. Tapu FIni
7. Yveltal
8. Necrozma-Ultra
9.  Normal Kyogre
10. Tapu Lele
Arceus-ground works well.
Well, technically we are having a battle with the pokemons stated above... Despite the other player is going to use Groudon in his team.

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Landorus with Earth Power is my personal counter to Primal Groudon. It’s faster, and can OHKO a full HP/Special Defense Primal-Groudon
See Moveset:
[email protected] orb
Rash Nature
—Earth Power
—Hp Ice
—Stealth Rocks
252 Spa/252Speed

This will always, always counter Primal Groudon

Actually there are probably a few other legendaries that I know can learn Earth Power that can take out Groudon. Giratina, Palkia, Dialgia, Arceus, Heatran, Ho-Oh/Lugia. Diancie and Volcanion.

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Oh, nice. I'll give it a try, but I would like to see more possible options.
I explored a few other options this one seems best. The best counter would be using a special move because of its terrible Special defense (compared to its defense) and usually a special ground type move( for weaknesses). So the best option for this is Sheer Force Landorus using Earth power as it’ll always 1 shot.
Btw I found better legendaries but I was supposing you would want something kinda low-key like landorus