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I want to say I am bob on showdown but can't.

P.S bob is not my real name.

Allowing strangers to record messages for each other over a Pokemon battling simulator doesn't sound like a good idea. Just like it wasn't a good idea when they did it in the real games.
I thought someone said that he would record it and use it against his friend. Well either it was gen 4 or one of us was wrong :[
Yep, it was a feature in Gen 4 and 5. It was removed because people unfortunately (but predictably) abused it.
I saw on a reddit post something that will hopefully be implemented:That in competetive it will revert to basic cry but in ingame it is recorded. Also how in bw bw2 and dppt?

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I searched all the code, and there doesn't seem to be any mechanic that lets you record for chatter.

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